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COVID19, the Ukraine incident, social changes, and economic instability have spread cyberspace to every corner of the world, and the growing number of information assets traveling through cyberspace and their misuse to disrupt countries, societies, and economies are becoming intricately intertwined and determining the state of affairs. The world has turned the corner toward the "cyber-information security era. Things influence each other more than ever, making predicting the future difficult. We would like to look back at the trends that have led us to the current situation from the starting point, understand the essence of the changes, and improve our accuracy in reading the future. This paper provides a bird's-eye view of the facts that have occurred in cyberspace, and provides an opportunity to think about what we should do in the new era.

What is CYDEF?

CYDEF is a forum where many people, transcending national boundaries and positions, come together for discussion in order to find the direction to take in a society where distance and boundaries are dissipating, transforming at an accelerated pace, and the future is becoming less clear with the development of information technology and the expansion of networks.

Launched in 2018 with the Science for Peace & Security Fund, the conference, now in its sixth year, has attracted ministers, cyber ambassadors, cyber commanders, ethical hackers, and researchers from Europe, the United States, and the Asia-Pacific region, including Japan, The conference has attracted approximately 250 speakers and 4,000 attendees, including ministers, cyber ambassadors, cyber commanders, ethical hackers, and researchers from Europe, the U.S., and the Asia-Pacific region including Japan.

Objective of CYDEF2023

CYDEF aims to disseminate information, share awareness, and establish collaboration.

Dissemination of information means to gather experts and knowledgeable people with various experiences and knowledge and providing a forum for them to present their opinions. This allows us to come into contact with new knowledge that we are not usually exposed to and to obtain hints for solving everyday problems.

Shared Awareness is about sharing awareness and gaining a foundation of understanding through presentations. This allows us to understand the common threats and work together to address them.

Establishing collaboration means understanding each other and building a common ground through presentations. This allows us to cooperate on common issues.

While listening to the discussions of experts and specialists worldwide, we hope to build a framework for mutual understanding and cooperation by presenting the same issues and approaches to them, even though we are from different countries and positions.

Theme of CYDEF2023

International Order and Active Cyber Defense

The main theme of this year's CYDEF2023 is "International Order and Active Cyber Defense - How Active Cyber Defense Can Shape International Order." As tensions in international relations intensify in Ukraine and other parts of the world, cyber threats are also on the rise. In this gray zone, where laws that form the cornerstone of order have not been developed, and where neither peace nor war is possible, what can be done to contain malicious activities without unnecessarily raising tensions?

To find a solution to this question, this year, in addition to our Organization for Cyber Defense Innovation, the Hybrid Center of Excellence (Hybrid CoE ), the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence (CCDCOE) in Estonia, the NATO Strategic Communications Center of Excellence (NATO StratCom) in Latvia, the NATO Command and Control Center of Excellence (NATO C2CoE) in the Netherlands, the US Army Cyber Institute (Army Cyber Institute) will be invited to introduce researchers conducting related research and discuss the following session themes.

Active Cyber Defense in the Country‘s Cyber Strategy
Organization for Cyber Defense Innovation(CYDEF, Tokyo, Japan)

The cyber and hybrid aspects of cognitive superiority
Hybrid Center of Excellence (Hybrid CoE, Helsinki, Finland)

Operationalising active cyber defense capability
NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence(CCDCOE, Tallinn, Estonia)

AI Frontiers in Multimodal Information Warfare
NATO Strategic Communication Center of Excellence(NATO StratCom, Riga, Latvia)

Multi-Domain Decision Making in Active Cyber Defense
NATO Command and Control Centre of Excellence (NATO C2CoE, Utrecht, Netherlands)

Legal, Policy, and Partnership Challenges for Pacific Cyber Defenses in 2035
Army Cyber Institute (ACI, West Point, USA)

With the disappearance of distance through the Internet, the advantage of being an island nation has disappeared, and we are confronted not only with direct criminals but also with cyber warriors.